Stream Data Applications with Modern APIs

Building Scalable Microservices Platforms in the Cloud

Illustration of an datastream

We enable you to easily build scalable stream data applications. We empower your applications with modern API backends and unlock your stream data through GraphQL.

What is Quick?

Quick receives and orchestrates your data as real-time stream of events. It runs and maintains your apps on your data streams. Quick exposes production API backends and connects your data streams to your applications and devices.

Quick Features

Easy Setup

Manage stream data applications and APIs with a few commands.

Fast Data Ingest

High speed, continuous, reliable stream data ingestion.

Unlocking Data Streams

Combine and query multiple data streams with modern APIs and GraphQL.

Scalable and Reliable

Built on Apache Kafka as stream data platform for microservices that scale.

Global Data Definitions

Stream data always matches your registered schemas.

Stream Data Quality

Reliable data types ensure data integrity and consistency.

Schema Compatibility

Support of backwards- and forwards-compatible schema evolution.

Stream Data Discovery

Collect metadata and coordinate data discovery and lineage.

How Quick works

Efficient stream data ingestion via RESTful web service.
> curl --request POST \
    --url https://$QUICK_URL/ingest/product-topic/ \
    --header 'content-type: application/json' \
    --header 'X-API-Key: $KEY' \
    --data '{"key": 123, "value": "T-Shirt"}'
Design your API backend, query your stream data with GraphQL, and use the results.
type Query {
  findProduct(productId: Long): 
     String @topic(name: "product-topic", keyArgument: "productId")
query {
   findProduct(productId: 123)

Based on Apache Kafka

Built on Apache Kafka, the state-of-the-art stream data platform.

Runs on Kubernetes

Quick runs on Kubernetes - on premise or in the cloud.